Project Description

Myasthenia Gravis (MG) is a chronic autoimmune, neuromuscular disease that causes weakness in the skeletal muscles. Antibodies block muscle receptor connections. MG is considered a “snowflake” disease, because like a snowflake, MG can look different for every person. Thousands of snowflakes together form a blizzard. It may be cheesy, but many of us with MG embrace it. Though we may own being unique and rare, the condition often does not come without debilitating side effects.

People with MG often struggle with managing symptoms, medications and other aspects of their live after being diagnosed. This application is intended to change the way we navigate our disease, and assist people with MG in living a more full, controlled life with the knowledge they gain from tracking patterns in symptoms and triggers.

In 2024, this application will be enhanced to analyze the data given by users to provide them with personalized trend information, aimed to giving them the answers they seek on what is causing their symptoms and how they can alleviate them. I’ve gotten support from my community members, a potential lead on non-profit backing, and will be gathering resources starting November ’23.

Development Process

This application was built within 2 weeks using a React front end, GraphQL + Apollo back end, and MongoDB NoSQL database. Further development is to come as stated, potentially with the incorporation of AI to analyze trends in user symptoms.

Pieces of each page are broken down into components. Custom CSS was applied without libraries, mainly because I was required to complete this application within 2 weeks time and custom CSS is much quicker for me than adapting a new library. In addition, I wanted to showcase that I do not require libraries to make my work look good.

The wireframe and prototyping was done in Figma. Cover graphic was generated using Midjourney AI until I have the funding to hire a real artist, which is something very important to me.

By pairing MG’s associated teal color with hues of bright oranges and whimsical illustrations, the aesthetics of the app are intended to provide the user with a soothing but uplifting and inspiring atmosphere.

Technologies Used

  • React
  • JavaScript / CSS / HTML
  • Node.js
  • GraphQL
  • Apollo server
  • MongoDB / NoSQL
  • JWT Authentication
  • Material UI Date Picker
  • Heroku Deployment


Concept Origin

The motivation for this application has been my own experience struggling with the symptoms of having Myasthenia Gravis and seeing many of my fellow “snowflakes” dealing with the same kinds of struggles. For many, MG can dictate whether or not someone is able to life a full, active life. For some, it can even take away the ability to walk, talk or complete everyday tasks we typically take for granted.

Having a digital platform dedicated to this rare disease will not only raise awareness for the condition itself and provide essential data to researchers, but assist people in recording and monitoring their symptoms, medications and diet, and eventually analyze the relationships between those factors.

*Please note, the deployed application looks slightly different than the screenshots above taken from the refined version in development. The dev version will be pushed to deployment in the beginning of November.