Project Description

This application was designed as a response to the University of Oregon’s Coding Bootcamp Project 1. It was a collaborative assignment where the members of a given group were required to develop a real-world interactive application that utilizes at least two server-side APIs, a CSS framework other than Bootstrap, a polished UI, and client-side storage.

Development Process

Using Agile software development, our team worked together to create a fully functioning application that met all of the criteria of our given prompt, as well as addresses the crisis of finding outdoor areas of recreation in a world with increasingly poor air quality due to global warming and other negative environmental impacts.

I acted as the Front-end Developer & Project Manager, building the entire interface & debugging other team member’s code. I used Fomantic UI framework to establish a clean and polished professional style. The IQAir and Google Maps APIs were used to gather a location’s air quality and campsite recommendations. I decided to add in some additional features and references for when the user’s air quality was not good enough to show campsite recommendations.

I plan on making enhancements to this application beyond the scope of the requirements, to really showcase my talents and skills. We were given 2-weeks to complete this application, and dealt with some unfortunate team members falling short of their responsibilities, but I am happy with what we ended with and what a large part I played in the success of the product.

Technologies Used

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Client-side storage
  • Git Collaboration & Agile methodologies