Project Description

*CampAire is going through some renovations! (As of 10/31/23) I’m currently finishing up the upgrades and will restore full functionality with a new design before the year’s end.

This application was designed as a response to the first of three major projects during my time at University of Oregon’s Full Stack Web Development course. As a collaborative assignment to develop real-world interactive applications that integrated at least two server-side third-party APIs, a CSS framework, and client-side storage.

Development Process

I acted as the front end developer & project manager on this project. building the entire interface & debugging other team member’s code. Using Agile software development, our small team of 3 developers worked together to create an application (just under 2 weeks time) that addresses the crisis of finding outdoor areas of recreation in a world with increasingly poor air quality. Because this was a team project under the gun on time, I am currently making upgrades that will restore it’s original functionality, along with some added bonus features just for fun.

Technologies Used

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Client-side storage
  • Fomantic UI framework
  • Git Collaboration & Agile methodologies