Project Description

I designed and developed the Fanatics Forum, owned by Fanatics, Inc. for sports fans and customers of and affiliates as a hub for trending sports news and products.

Creative Process

Partnering with the SEO team on this project, it was requested that this website be built on a CMS platform for ease of use and by the SEO managers themselves without much technical background or knowledge of coding. I chose to build this website with WordPress because of my extensive experience on the platform, its straightforward interface and abundance of documentation. The Newsletter theme possessed many of the features the team was looking for, and I found the UI/UX to be the easiest for new users to manage content with against all alternatives.

Technologies Used

  • Logo lockup created with Adobe Illustrator
  • Website built with WordPress, Newsletter theme
  • Yoast SEO Management

Relationship Background

I work full-time for Fanatics, Inc as a Senior Creative Content Designer. My role requires that I wear many hats – one of them being the one WordPress go-to in the Creative department of over 20 people. My experience in developing sites on WordPress allowed me to work on this Forum hub as well as our previous, original Fanatics Inc. Corporate site before it was passed along to a different department.