Project Description

Website re-design concept for Be Still Float Studio

Creative Process

The design concept for this website was the first time I think I truly felt like a creative inspiration just “came to me” out of nowhere. Sometimes I think that I’m not so creative as much as I am just a neat-freak, into pleasing aesthetics, and driven to try. An imitator. But when the potential of a site redesign for a soothing, relaxing, almost-meditative water floating studio was revealed to me, my brain lit up with a clear vision of the feeling I wanted to portray. The website should look how it feels to be floating in there. As a customer, I want to feel relaxed… at ease, and soothed.

The color palette was easily drawn from the colors in the baths, and the darkness surrounding you while you float. Now, I’ve never floated but after this project I sure did want to. …I was going to ask for a trade! I was prepared to create a light version of the design in addition, for a potential switch between dark and light mode, or if the owner was digging something lighter and a little less aggressive.

Unfortunately the owner never responded to my detailed proposal (I’m not bitter) – but I still stay true to loving this concept and hoping one day I’ll be able to make it for someone, or maybe just myself. Of course, I’d still want to make some major upgrades since I designed this a few years back and my taste and technical skills have evolved.

Technologies Used

  • Adobe Photoshop