Project Description

As my first employer out of college graduating with a communications degree, Glossy Finish Photography, LLC. gave me the chance to put all of my eggs in the graphic design basket. During my years with a team of skilled professional photographers turned savvy business men I truly grew into my own as a web designer. One of my first tasks was a full-blown redesign of a previous stale version of their site.

Creative Process

Although website is currently maintained by employees of Glossy Finish, much of my original design and functionality remain in tact.

Technologies Used

  • Logo updated with Adobe Illustrator
  • Company branding, photo editing & sports photo templates with Adobe Photoshop
  • Branding guidelines & custom team photo collages with Adobe InDesign
  • Website built with WordPress, BeTheme

Relationship Background

I worked with Haim at Glossy Finish Photography from 2016 to 2018 and went on to assist him with additional work after I left my full-time position with the company. Haim has been a valued client, partner and friend since we met in 2016. Whenever Haim reaches out for assistance with overflow projects I am always happy to jump in – because the friendship we’ve built together and my admiration for his persistence in innovation will last a lifetime.