Project Description

Designed in 2020, the website for Rock-N-Reel Charters in Jacksonville, FL was a relatively quick and easy project due to the client’s limited budget. 2020 was an extremely difficult year for people in businesses of all kinds, and especially so for charter Captain, John Eggers. At the time, John was struggling to find customers and realized he needed an updated website beyond just the one-paragraph 1990’s HTML webpage he had at the time to reel in more charter expeditions.

Creative Process

Working with very limited photography and textual content, this project challenged me to find stock imagery that fit in with John’s very niche business, and I even incorporated a few images of my own taking. I wrote content from what little I knew about John’s charters, and tried to present the information in a way that didn’t feel stale. The original goal was to take a charter out and photograph everything we might need to use on-site, however because of the nature of 2020, our plans of a full shoot fell short.

One day I hope to bring more life and intention to the design of this website, because I like to be proud of everything I do – and when I look back, I see so many areas that I can improve on compared to a few years ago. I’ve grown as a designer and developer, and the perfectionist in me is itching at the idea of doing a whole redesign from top to bottom – but only as time allows.