i’ve been a lot of things

A little taste of my work

A grocery store bagger and dairy stocker, babysitter, restaurant dish washer, climbing instructor, waiter, retail visual merchandiser, salesperson, graphic designer, woodworker, and ceramicist. … Is that it? Oddly enough, nothing excites me like the potential of what I can do with a little bit of photoshop and VS code. I was meant for this job.

I’m hopelessly searching for an outlet to showcase my continuously growing dev skills on sites and applications that truly mean something to me and the people that visit them. I deeply care about our planet, the people on it, and so desperately want to keep moving things forward with everything I do.


HTML/CSS, JavaScript, React, Handlebars, Bootstrap, Twig/Timber and more

Content Management Systems

WordPress, Woo-Commerce, custom themes and post types

UI Design

Wireframing, design and prototyping in Figma and Adobe Photoshop

When I have the free time

Git At Me

The majority of my contributions are private repos, but please feel free to poke around my personal GitHub for more insight into my on-going projects.