Canon 100mm Macro Lens Review

Canon 100mm Macro Lens Review

July 28, 2017

This lens is incredible to say the least.

This was my first time using any type of macro lens, and I was certainly more than pleased with the results. I ordered a rental Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM from, and although the price was right ($8.00 a day for 7 days for a total of only $34), I wasn’t too happy with LensFly itself. But I’ll save that story for a different day…

These images were taken around a quiet neighborhood in Greenville, South Carolina. For something as simple as a flower with a bee perched on the pedals, I was stunned at the images when I uploaded them. This lens allows you to see way more than you could ever see with your own eye. I was giddy when I noticed the detail in the tiny wings of this insect, and almost every hair on its body.

This first image consists of three separate exposures, focus stacked on-top of each other. Shooting images for the intention of focus stacking with a moving subject is quite tricky, so I got really lucky with this guy who held his position just long enough for me to snap a few shots. They just so happened to be focused on just the right spots I needed.

As I read more about focus stacking and professional macro and micro photographers, I have noticed that many curate their compositions with dead insects held in place with pins, etc. This would clearly allow you to get all of the necessary parts of the insect in-focus. Some photographers stack over 250 images into one in order to get their intended result! The next time I try this lens, I will definitely do some planning beforehand.

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